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Seizing the Days One Moment at a Time

Seize the day


If you have been enthusiastic people, you have probably noticed how they seem to have this vibrant energy that pulls others around them. Many of them are driven and passionate. They are influencers in their own right. They seem have an uncanny ability to seize every opportunity that comes their way. They may appear like they have a perfect life, but nothing can be farther from the truth. They have their share of challenges like everyone else. But one of the things that make them stand out is their ability to grab life by the horns and make the most of every moment. Cliché as it may sound, seize the day is one sage advice that can make way for a more fulfilling life. And here are some ideas on how to get the best out of it.

Cultivate a “doer” mindset

There is a time to think and a time to act. Make sure that you do not spend more time doing the former. Take action despite the risks. There are only two things that can happen if you do things. You either succeed or fail and learn important lessons from it. Either way, you come out as a winner. It is much better than playing it safe by doing nothing. You may avoid a lot of mistakes, but you miss out on the positive things that could happen. Even the bad can leave you with some good lessons.

Doing does not have to be something big. It could be as simple as finally taking up a new hobby. Or you can use the time to organize your home or office, declutter, and basically do things that tend to get put on the backseat because of a busy schedule.

Explore and stay curious

A healthy dose of curiosity is good for you. It prompts you to explore and learn new things. If you can, travel to a place you have never been to at least once or twice a year. It does not have to be somewhere far or exotic. It could be just a trip to the next town or city. Or you can rediscover your own city. See things from a tourist’s perspective. You might be surprised how many interesting discoveries you can have doing this.

Another way to seize the moment is to explore the things that you have not done. Go for a thrilling ride at an amusement park if you have not done it before. Play a sport. Train for a marathon. Join book clubs or other interest-based organizations.…

Little Mermaid

The Most Famous Fairy Tale Characters Of All Time


Fairy tales made our childhood complete. It made us feel like we belong to a whole new world.

So, it’s just right to do a countdown of the most famous Fairy tale characters of all time!

This is in no way, the opinion of the majority.

I will definitely leave some of them behind so, just share your comments below after reading so I know which ones did I missed out.

Let’s get it started!

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel Gretel
Would You Like To Have A Cookie? F* No!

Written by the Grimm Brothers, it’s one of the most iconic stories that we can possibly remember.

It shows us the weakness of the main characters and how gullible they are. The Witch, symbolizes evil and malicious thoughts. In the end, the story still went to the “Good will triumph against Evil” cliché.

Very basic plot, easy to understand. After all, it’s a children’s fairy tale book! Except the Witch knows how to make candy kabobs!

Oh, don’t forget the Hollywood remake.

Ariel ( The Little Mermaid)

This is one of the best works of the most famous storyteller of all time, Hans Christian Andersen. Disney’s version is hip and cool. But the truth is, this is a very sad story, in fact, disturbingly sad.

Try reading the book from front to cover as let’s see if you can tell whether the Disney version is related to the original. She has a bronze statue back in Andersen’s place, the wonderful country of Denmark.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Probably the most famous fairy tale character of all time, Snow White has been the epitome of the damsel in distress type of character. The movie that you’re watching on Disney is from 1937. Yeah. 1937.

Today, she’s included on the Disney Princesses. Still famous even she’s 80 years old!


I hope you enjoyed reading. Share you thoughts below and I’ll see you next time!


heating option for the winter season

Awesome Indoor Activities in the Winter


The winter should not be the season for hibernation and lethargy. Even though you will be staying most of the time at home, you have to make most of your time and be active and productive. Your first concern should be how to get warm while at home. Check this link and read it fully. It contains a comprehensive buying guide for ceramic heaters. It can help you choose your space heater that can keep you warm and comfortable in the cold months. It is one of the best heating options that you need to try.

Now that you are sure that you will be safe and cozy in the cold months. Read further to get fantastic ideas on how to enjoy your stay indoors.


Read Great Books


This is one of the ways to keep engaged indoors. Amidst the icy and damp environment, you can still enrich yourself by reading great minds. Avail of the inspirational books in the winter and get perfect enlightenment and motivations from your readings.  Grab a copy of Matt Haig’s highly motivational book “Reasons to Stay Alive” and learn how the author struggled with depression to appreciate life and all about it.   This book will tell you how reading, writing and the great love of people around can help you survive each day.  If not, you can enrich your library shelves if you include “How to Be Here: A guide to Creating a Life Worth Living Hardcover” by Rob Bell.  Take part of the great inspiration from a New York Times bestselling author as he shared tips on how to pursue and realize your dreams.


Display Best Winter Recipes


Heartwarming recipes can definitely warm the heart. This is a perfect twist for the cold season. The delectable simple foods can give pleasure to your cold moments. Flavorful recipes can keep your family intact and excited. Your meal plans should include recipes that can warm you up on cold winter nights. Satisfy your hunger and cravings with the best recipes that will carry you through winter. Try the French onion soup casserole and enjoy a hearty treat with caramelized onions and veggies.


Keep the Kids Entertained

The winter break should not make your kids depressingly boring.  Think of best activities to keep them active and entertained at home. Try baking for example or let them paint their thoughts. Research for more indoor activities that will make the winter break comfier and more enjoyable.

Again, the winter isn’t a time for hibernation. It’s a great time for unleashing your full potential and keeping your kids entertained. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that you feel comfortable with your best ceramic heater.

juicing ideas

Getting Closer to Your Choice of Smoothie Recipe

Seize the day

Smoothies are nutritious and delicious drinks prepared using a blender. This time if you are opting to prepare simple smoothie recipes for your personal consumption, then a personal blender is going to be your perfect choice.  Using it will make you drink your garden to provide your body with the daily recommended servings of fresh fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet. Since eating veggies is a challenging task, most health conscious people preferred to have their fresh produce turn to delicious smoothies. To know more about personal blenders, try your luck here at  Make the most of this decent buyer’s guide by picking the right personal blender for your personal needs.

There are many posts online and many published smoothie recipe books which will bring you closer to your simple smoothie creations.  Doing so will make you provide yourself with hefty servings of fresh plant food that work greatly on your health. All you have to do is to choose your best ingredients to enjoy smoothies which are very low in calories and fat.  Your thick and frosty beverage is best created with a good personal blender. This kitchen tool won’t let your health goals to be a waste. In fact, with proper use, your personal blender will unearth your creativity in making smoothies that are brimming with goodness and nutrition.

A smoothie lover like you should buy a personal blender for great convenience in making your best recipe each morning and every time.  The simple 150 different smoothie recipes taken from The Smoothie Recipe Book by Mendocino Press are a perfect try with your personal blender. The amazing recipes will get your way for weight loss and for optimum health. Having this bestseller in your shelf of book recipes will make you enjoy fresh, delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies.

Perfect Choice of a Blender

Choose a personal blender that offers the best balance of power, simplicity, and price. Following these criteria will surely make you pick a perfect addition to your homewares. Your choice has to offer great convenience in making your simple smoothie recipes taken from books and online sources. You can as well create your own provided you will not go beyond of what is expected in your personal blender, otherwise, you will end up using a regular blender which is another story.

Your healthy smoothies are the tastiest if they are prepared with a heart. It should have your passion and interests for these healthy beverages are full-packed with essential nutrients to improve your health and to make you look younger. Give yourself an extra boost of powerful nutrients and antioxidants now.…

using the best wood router

Witness Wood Router’s Greatness as a Power Tool

Seize the day

Woodworking is very popular. It has been with man since time immemorial. It makes man more creative and more productive. The amazing wood crafts are a great manifestation that man loves the carving and the trimming. Moreover, it’s a proof that man isn’t afraid to make the finest cuts after all.

Let’s unravel the thought of how a wood router works.  Its different shaping and cutting bits create wonders in the area of woodworking, hence making this act as the most fulfilling passion of woodworkers and DIY wood hobbyists. The wood router is seen as a helpful handy tool in woodworking and it can also work best in a wide range of materials.

Woodworking-inspired projects are seen as a great application of one’s creativity. It even becomes a great activity for the whole family. Let the whole family involve in your home projects and let them realize their significance. Having a wood router in your home arsenal gives you the excitement of doing all DIY woodworking projects. It’s just like living a practical life. It’s like getting more from the wood. Much more, it’s making the best out of the wood.

Undertaking DIY woodworking projects require the use of a wide range of woodworking tools and the wood router should be one of them. This is the best-known tool that spells awesome versatility. It makes the craftsmen and hobbyists’ cutting skills limitless. It is the most reliable tool in routing grooves for wood joints and for the desired decorative shapes in woodcrafts. The fantastic look and clean profile edges are made easily with the wood router. Hence, it becomes the most versatile among workshop tools.

Choosing the most appropriate router bit for a specific wood project is highly recommended.  The woodworker has to make certain speed adjustments that will best fit to the material being worked on. This should not be taken for granted as it will affect the whole thing.

If you are a DIYer and the wood router is your best choice of a power tool, then it is guaranteed that you achieve what you’re aiming for in your workpiece. Definitely, the wood router is the most helpful tool that will add beauty and dimensions to your wood creations.

Doing home repairs and improvements tasks are well catered by the wood router. That is why more and more homeowners do their best in saving a certain amount from their budget in order to buy the most wanted cutting equipment in the world.

Swimming Pool Essence- Making the Most of the Moment

Seize the day

Let’s go straight to the point. What would you consider before having a stunning swimming pool in your backyard? It doesn’t require you to be an exceptional swimmer before you enjoy propelling through the water. Enjoying in your swimming pool has no prerequisites except for one. It’s about the pool’s cleanliness. If your swimming pool is clean, then you hit the essence and you can make the most of the moment with the entire family. For more useful details about pool maintenance, visit our website at There’s no need to have a second thought, have your most reliable pick and enjoy the bunch of sparkling water in your pool!

automatic pool cleaners

Owning a pool or visiting a community pool will spark your day and will make fantastic experiences. The stunning swimming pool encourages family time. It’s a fun watery oasis that will make memories. Spending a day in the pool with your family is a refreshing experience.

A Place for Family Moment

Most people prefer to have their own pool in their backyards as it will not only add the beauty of their dwellings but will also give them immediate access to a watery experience. Swimming is not just a fantastic sport but also an amazing form of relaxation and recreation. The whole family would surely love to be in the pool. Being with the kids is a notable moment. Swimming and playing with them is total fun!

A Place for Achieving Fitness

The swimming pool will delight your body. The water exercise will help you achieve your fitness goals. Swimming is an amazing form of exercise that offers great low impact workout.  Exercising in the water is really a piece of joy in your piece of heaven. As you perform your best strokes, you are giving your body a high-quality cardiovascular fitness without stressing your muscles and joints. Your heart rate is enhanced as your lungs work out impressively. People of all ages can benefit from swimming.

Provides a Piece of Beauty and Relaxation at Home

A thing of beauty can relax your senses. A well designed- pool in your backyard creates wonders and a glimpse of a long lasting joy. It’s an outdoor paradise which increases the value of your home. Furthermore,   your attractive swimming pool is a perfect escape from the stresses of life. Its amazing beauty makes you unwind and relaxes your body. Swimming will also boost your sleeping habits. You can sleep well after spending a moment in the pool.

Perfect Party Venue

There are amazing moments in the pool than you can imagine. Poolside barbecue and the display of sumptuous recipes add the fantastic entertainment in the pool. The stunning swimming pool invites your friends to dive in and have fun. It’s a convenient venue for merry making and parties.

Your stunning swimming pool is a perfect venue for a party.

Lounging in the cool waters is indeed delightful. However, all these joys will be nothing if your pool is unhealthy. Maintaining its beauty should also mean maintaining its cleanliness and safety. The debris, grime, and gunk will make the swimming pool imperfect. Hence, regular cleaning must be done. The cleaning has to be done with the best automatic cleaner to make sure that you will achieve the best joys mentioned above. Keep your cool in the pool!…

What’s the Best Food Preservation for a Foodie Like You?

Seize the day

using the vacuum sealer

A foodie like you is a great fan of great recipes. You want to have them best on your dining table. Sometimes the staples are just too much for your consumption and the leftovers turned out to be a great waste.  It’s painful on your part, especially on your budget. However, we feel your pain and we hear the screaming of your wallet. For this reason, we introduce the best food sealer. It aims to save the food for last. It’s just like saving the best for your appetite.

Try using the food vacuum sealer and see how it supports your goals being a healthy food lover or a gourmet. Vacuum packing food will extend its shelf life. The amazing vacuum sealing technology is made possible through the airless environment the machine creates. It sucks out atmospheric oxygen. The perfect sealing of food will retain the best quality of your food products even though you will be storing them for a longer period of time.  As long as the vacuum sealing is done properly and perfectly, you don’t have to worry about your products to get spoiled. Hence, it’s extremely important to read the manual and follow steps carefully. Another option is to get ideas from basic research on how the machine works.

Vacuum packing and sealing is the best way to preserve the goodness of your food. A foodie like you will always get the most from your best choices of foods. The food vacuum sealer welcomes any kind of food. Poultry, meat, cheese, fish, homemade meals, and even soups can well be accommodated in a vacuum sealer. The machine will help you preserve the amazing amount of foods.

using the vacuum sealer

How does vacuum technology work? The machine sucks out the air from the product and in the bag. It is so easy. It would not consume the majority of your time.  The airless bag will keep the food product safe and fresh.  The food vacuum sealer avoids bacteria proliferation. Hence, the food product is made fit for a later consumption. Moreover, you become a more responsible home cook as you promote proper food consumption and educating your kids the value of proper eating and food preservation.  The vacuum sealing makes you and your family even more conscious of food preservation to save money.…

Hunting as the Best Experience in the Wild

Seize the day


Hunting is the display of one’s great desire to be close to nature. It promotes a deep connection with the natural world. The significant time a hunter spends in the woods is an extraordinary experience. An avid hunter learns the intricate details of nature and the wildlife. The woods unfold the interaction between the environment and the wildlife.  If you are an avid hunter, the jungle becomes your immediate environment. To experience the extraordinary to the highest level, go hunting with one of the top 5 AR-15 scopes. It is undeniably reliable and makes your shooting experience more precise and accurate.

Hunting is taking the time to experience the beauty of the outdoors. By earning your hunting license and by carefully understanding the laws and regulations of hunting, one can say that an addictive whitetail hunter is not on a killing spree. Hunting is an amazing experience of a lifetime.

Take a look at this video and get best ideas of choosing the best optics for your rifle. 

As you come face to face with the wild, make it always the best experience as much as possible. Be ready before you spend your time in the forest. As you gather your hunting gear, always include the best AR-15  scope that will hasten your shots. The  scope will increase your shooting confidence. Never a bullet will be astray again. All is worth the shot. It magnifies your target and helps you make your most accurate shots effortlessly.

The finding of the quarry is overwhelmingly exciting. The waiting of the game gives you more time to witness the intricacies of the wild.  The aiming and targeting are extremely thrilling. The shooting at the target is very satisfying.


Nothing compares to the sudden adrenaline rush when the elusive whitetail deer or the big elk arrive. Hitting your target bull’s eye is an experience that highlights your self-esteem.

As hunting is amazingly protected by laws, hunters are allowed only to shoot animals that are abundant in numbers. Hence, shooting them will not bother your human conscience. This will intensify hunting as a sustainable living and a dynamic sport.

The amazing woods always promise a blissful day. There is always excitement in the wilderness. Learn about nature’s ways. Move with the birds and feel the accounts of being there. Let the hunt begin!…

Archery is a Smashing Success

Outdoor Archery
Archery brings budding and aspiring archers together.

Archery has become a great competitive sport and recreation. Historically, it started its way as a means of hunting and defending one’s self in combat. Exploring archery whether as a hobby or as a fantastic sport will bring you enjoyment more than what you expected. Archery is a lifetime sport. As you begin your sportive journey by   engaging in this sport, check our best recurve bow for the money. Choose the most appropriate equipment which is not a hassle to your budget and will work  for your optimum performance.

Archery indeed is a smashing success. It has brought magnificent changes on people’s lives. It is a full blast.  Having it as a hobby is fun. Making your way to tournaments in Olympics or Paralympics give you enormous opportunities for success and fame.

You can play your bow and arrows any time of the year. You can definitely enjoy this year-round sport. It has no weather specifications. As long as you are in good shape and your bow is with you, the field or the shooting ranges are always available. In October through March, you can enjoy the winter by playing archery indoors.  In April, the outdoor fantasies kick off as you play with your best bow while portraying your favourite character-archer. Do you want to be like Katniss Everdeen? Or you like the skill of Robin Hood?  Archery is for all ages starting from 7 onwards. The shooting targets will depend on the age of participants and equipment type.

Archery is for all ages.

If you are not the competitive type, you can still best enjoy archery as a form of recreation. No one would stop you. Archery will still be your sport.  Hence, this sport is really a success in everyone’s heart. It doesn’t require you to keep score. You can take it as a form of exercise and you will be amazed of its health benefits.

Archery fosters good relationship. Aside from being a competitive sport, archery is a way of maintaining good relations among countries. This is very evident in Summer Olympics and Paralympics where archery enthusiasts meet to compete and to build relationships. The shooting range is the witness of how these people respect one another.

Archery, indeed, is a smashing success as a sport for it brings people closer like never before. For sure, archery is also a smashing success within your being. The sport develops your potential of the bow and arrows. Ultimately, it develops the archer in you.



In March, after years of stagnation at the top of the mobile grossing ranks, a mobile game with really innovative gameplay lastly broke through to the top of the charts. Clash Royale, Supercell’s smart hybrid of Tower Defense, MOBA, and Card Battle gameplay discovered near-instant success, becoming the leading grossing online game in the world in its very first month on the market.

The cleverness of the Clash Royale design has actually been a hot topic of conversation because the video game’s release, but EEDAR views the list below aspects as the most crucial to its success:

Complexity in device behavior, unit strengths, and the meta-game of deck collection make the online game difficult and deep to master (while likewise masking pay-to-win elements). In addition, producing a mid-core game created for picture orientation leverages the trend in increasing phone versus tablet use.

– Quick synchronous multiplayer. Synchronous multiplayer games typically violate a golden guideline in mobile – if you are going to have session lengths longer than a few minutes, you ‘d better be Blizzard. Clash Royale has a brief match length of 3 minutes, and this is crafted making the final minute specifically exciting. In addition, the title has easy, polished possessions which reduce match loading time and information usage.

– A brand-new take on reliable monetization. Uses wait-timer money making through the chest system rather than a pure card collection mechanic. This integrates the mentally compelling gacha mechanic with all the advantages of wait-timer money making, consisting of integrated reasons for gamers to return regularly and less dependence on developer-produced material.

– Social is deeply incorporated into the experience. A card trading mechanic between clan members makes social gameplay an integral part of level advancement. Short, interesting fight structure and an integrated watching channel create an engaging spectator mode.

Despite the preliminary success of Clash Royale there is a threat that the online game could have a total unfavorable impact on Supercell profits by cannibalizing Clash of Clans. The strength of the Clash of Clans brand name has actually played a major function in Clash Royale’s success, but it likewise means that numerous players will likely transition from Clash of Clans to Clash Royale.

First, there are already signals that the long-lasting revenue outlook for the Clash titles may not match the short-term hype. While Clash Royale jumped to the top of the international charts in March, this came at the cost of Clash of Clans and was followed by both titles moving in April, specifically Clash of Clans. The following graph reveals the weekly performance of the two titles versus GoW: Fire Age in March and April in the United States on iOS.…

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