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Reading and Gardening: Their Similarities


Reading books is advantageous for the mind. And they say when the mind is healthy, the body becomes healthy too. Gardening also has the same benefit. Not only does it improve the mind, but it also strengthens the body.

Here are the similarities between gardening and reading:

On Relaxation

If you’re one whose relaxation involves a comfy chair, a cup of tea or coffee, and a book, then you’ll enjoy gardening. Although it requires more physical effort than reading, you can perform gardening tasks slowly and still be able to unwind. Gardening has this miracle healing power caused by your proximity to plants and nature itself. Nature’s power increases the longer you spend time with it. This is precisely the reason why gardening is even recommended to seniors. You can choose to maintain a small, medium-sized, or big garden, depending on what you can handle. It’s the same with books; you select the ones you’re most likely to finish.

On Memory

Both gardening and reading enhance one’s memory. When you read, you try your best to keep up with the plot and remember the characters and their personalities. When you do gardening, you also try your best to keep up with the best procedures and recognize the characteristics of your plants. The activities keep your mind sharp, allowing you to combat issues with memory, especially when you’re getting older.

On Knowledge Acquisition


Another similarity between the two is that they both increase your knowledge about something. Reading makes you more knowledgeable, enabling you to acquire the information you never knew before. Aside from knowledge acquisition, books also have the power to make you comprehend. Likewise, gardening also makes you more knowledgeable by requiring you to learn more about the plant, how to take care of it, what makes it healthy, etc. Aside from bringing you closer to nature, you’ll learn how to value life and the natural resources we have been gifted with. Gardening demands you to know how to be emphatic and to practice it with the plants you’re trying to grow.

On Time Management

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Lastly, both gardening and reading also practice you to manage your time wisely and be mindful of it. Reading a book longer than you should could jeopardize your other activities and appointments. Gardening without knowing when to water, cut weeds, or harvest can also harm your plants. Both reading and gardening help you use your time the right way so that you won’t have to deal with regret later on.

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A Bookworm’s Guide to a Lazy Weekend


Imagine spending a lazy weekend just doing what you love. If you are a bookworm, you would probably be thinking about all those books you want to read by now. The idea of having uninterrupted time to enjoy a good read is already a pleasant thought in itself. But why not pamper yourself and indulge in some of the simple pleasures as you laze the weekend away? Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Pick the coziest spot you can find for your weekend reading marathon. Gather all the books you plan to read. Stack them up where you can easily grab the next one on your list.

2. Make sure your kitchen is properly stocked up with all the food and snacks you will need. Prepare what you can in advance like quinoa snacks, sandwiches, and other healthy eats so you do not have to spend more time than necessary cooking a meal.

3. Hang out and do a bit of reading at the library or your favorite coffee shop or bookstore café. Or you can pack lunch or some snacks and head out to the park for some outdoor reading. Find a quiet place under the shade of a tree for a picnic read.

4. Spend time book-hunting at bookstores near you. Or use the time to explore literary points of interests in your city.

5. Unplug and do all your reading offline. Stick to the plan of doing all the bookish things you can think of. Anything else is just a distraction.…

Little Mermaid

The Most Famous Fairy Tale Characters Of All Time


Fairy tales made our childhood complete. It made us feel like we belong to a whole new world.

So, it’s just right to do a countdown of the most famous Fairy tale characters of all time!

This is in no way, the opinion of the majority.

I will definitely leave some of them behind so, just share your comments below after reading so I know which ones did I missed out.

Let’s get it started!

Hansel and Gretel

Written by the Grimm Brothers, it’s one of the most iconic stories that we can possibly remember.

It shows us the weakness of the main characters and how gullible they are. The Witch, symbolizes evil and malicious thoughts. In the end, the story still went to the “Good will triumph against Evil” cliché.

Very basic plot, easy to understand. After all, it’s a children’s fairy tale book! Except the Witch knows how to make candy kabobs!

Oh, don’t forget the Hollywood remake.

Ariel ( The Little Mermaid)

This is one of the best works of the most famous storyteller of all time, Hans Christian Andersen. Disney’s version is hip and cool. But the truth is, this is a very sad story, in fact, disturbingly sad.

Try reading the book from front to cover as let’s see if you can tell whether the Disney version is related to the original. She has a bronze statue back in Andersen’s place, the wonderful country of Denmark.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Probably the most famous fairy tale character of all time, Snow White has been the epitome of the damsel in distress type of character. The movie that you’re watching on Disney is from 1937. Yeah. 1937.

Today, she’s included on the Disney Princesses. Still famous even she’s 80 years old!


I hope you enjoyed reading. Share you thoughts below and I’ll see you next time!



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