Trip Ideas

Take a cruise along the Amazon


A cruise along one of the largest rivers not to mention getting a glimpse of the Amazon’s vibrant ecology is a once in lifetime experience. It is a trip that deserves a spot on a traveler’s checklist.

Go for an Antarctica cruise


Antartica is one of those places that not many people get the chance to explore. Thankfully, cruising has made a trip to a stunning place more accessible not only to adventurers, explorers, researches, and scientists but also to ordinary folks who may want to see the wonders of this beautiful region.

Soak up the sights of Cappadocia


Cappadocia in Turkey is a popular tourist destination for a lot of great reasons. it is one place where anyone can enjoy the view from the familiar comforts of the ground or above on board a hot-air balloon.

Trek to the Everest Base Camp in Nepal


A trek to the Everest Base Camp can be a life-changing experience. It is not just about the view and the stories one can hear and get out of it. It is the journey itself that promises a whole lot of possibilities.

Explore the ancient site of Machu Picchu in Peru


The Machu Picchu is the icing on a cake when hiking along the Inca Trail. A visit to the place is a chance to walk along paths that make you feel transported in the ancient time.

Wander in Paris, France


This may seem like a cliché given all the many other destinations anyone can visit. But there is something about Paris that is worth seeing and experiencing. The City of Light is a great place for wanderings and food adventures as well as some solitude.

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